The Schmidt Family Foundation


The foundation supports efforts, using best expert information, to help transform the world’s environmental and energy practices in the 21st century. The foundation's mission, at its broadest, is to advance the creation of an increasingly intelligent relationship between human activity and the use of the world’s natural resources. The foundation works strategically, and often in collaboration, to create successful models of their vision. This includes the restoration and protection of vulnerable historic places while improving their environmental profile, using new technologies, and the growing knowledge about the impact of the built environment on the Earth’s climate system. The foundation supports efforts around the world to improve health, education, transportation and communications through investing in a pattern of economic development that includes green, sustainable environmental practices and design. In addition, the foundation supports public education around issues of energy and the environment and promote public understanding of the science of climate change.


Established in 2006 in CA - Founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt is Executive Chairman and former C.E.O. of Google Inc., whose search engine and online advertising technology has made it the world's largest internet company.

Grantmaking Programs

11th Hour Project

The program promotes a fuller understanding of the impact of human activity within the web of interdependent living systems. It connects organizations with good information on how to develop a more responsible relationship with the world’s water, energy and food resources. To realize this mission, the program focuses its grantmaking in the areas of climate change/renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and environmental health. Currently, it primarily supports projects and organizations that focus their efforts domestically.

Program-Related Investment

The foundation has made PRIs in the form of loans to an organization providing financing for community-based enterprises engaged in activities that foster environment conservation and socially equitable development, Historically, the foundation has made PRIs in the forms of loans to organizations providing climate change information to the public and to a film production company to produce a documentary film on the oceans. Historically, the foundation has made PRIs in the form of a loan to a foundation for renovation of a theatre in Nantucket, MA, and in the form of an investment in property for the development of an environmentally friendly transit model in downtown Nantucket, MA.