Women's Economic Empowerment Strategy

Published: February 2015

In this document the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation outlines its strategy and motivation for supporting a focused agenda on women's economic empowerment that is part of their global development and population program, which has a longstanding commitment to expanding women's choices. The Foundation has made grants to advance women's empowerment since its founding, starting with its commitment to reproductive health and rights and extending more recently to enhancing the ability of all citizens to have their voices heard. Under the same portfolio, the Foundation has also partnered with Getty Images Reportage to provide more than 400 high-quality, editorial images of empowered women in sub-Saharan Africa. The images are available at imagesofempowerment.org.

Key Findings

  • Influential labor statistics are neither accurate nor comprehensive in reporting women's work.
  • Economic policies frequently ignore women's work and employ macroeconomic models that ignore gender differences.
  • A combination of incomplete data on work and productivity and limited research on the gender dynamics of economic activity produces a large blind spot when it comes to making policy.

Publishers William and Flora Hewlett Foundation