Howard G. Buffett Foundation


The foundation's mission is to improve the standard of living and quality of life for the world’s most impoverished and marginalized populations. It works to achieve its mission by focusing its funding in three core areas: 1) food security; 2) water security; and 3) conflict resolution, management and post-conflict development.


Established in 1999 in IL and NE - Founded by Howard G. Buffett, son of Warren Buffett. Howard G. Buffett has been active in business, politics, agriculture, conservation, photography and philanthropy. Additionally, he has written more than half a dozen books on conservation, wildlife, and the human condition, including articles and opinion pieces for The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. He operates an 840 acre farm in central Illinois. In 2006, his father, Warren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., pledged a portion of his Berkshire-Hathaway, Inc. stock to the foundation to be paid out over time. In 2012, Warren Buffett decided to significantly increase the amount of stock he gives to the foundation, ultimately amounting to about $2.1 billion.

Warren Buffett has committed to The Giving Pledge, and has pledged to give away at least half of his wealth to philanthropy

Grantmaking Programs

Conflict Mitigation

The foundation invests in conflict and post-conflict countries to bring an end to conflict; to improve the conditions that fuel conflict; or to develop communities that have been devastated by conflict


Food Security

The foundation's work is focused on agricultural resource development for smallholder farmers, and it supports a range of interventions from research on improved inputs and practices to advocacy to promote the best ideas that will have the broadest impact on the most vulnerable and under-resourced communities.

Water Security

The foundation's investments in water security are closely aligned with its food security priorities, with a focus on water resource management to support agriculture.