Margaret A. Cargill Foundation


The purpose of the foundation is to provide meaningful assistance and support to society, the arts, environment, and all living things.


Established in 2006 in MN - The foundation operates under the umbrella of the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies, along with the Anne Ray Charitable Trust and the Akaloa Resource Foundation.

Grantmaking Programs

Native Arts and Culture

The program seeks to perpetuate and promote the Native arts and creative cultural expressions in several regions by enabling Native artists, communities, and organizations to inter-generationally transmit artistic skill, relevant knowledge and lifeways.


The program's goal is to enable local communities to sustain healthy ecosystems that perpetuate biodiversity and the ecosystem services that support human well-being.

Relief and Resilience

The program works to improve the resilience, security, and sustainability of the communities wherein it works. However, the program has expanded globally, with a focus on building resilience among populations in often-overlooked regions that face recurring disasters.

Program-Related Investment

The foundation has made a PRI in the form of a loan to a public charity to provide funding for a capital project to improve accessibility, offer expanded programs and make other improvements.