Fund for Global Human Rights, Inc.


The fund’s purpose is to support local, national, and regional human rights groups and networks abroad in becoming stronger, more effective, and better funded.


Established in 2002 in DC

Grantmaking Programs

Grants Program

The fund's grantmaking interest is currently focused on groups based and working on human rights situations. Organizations requesting funding must be working to defend, protect, or promote human rights; work could include mobilizing popular opinion through human rights skill-building and organizing; exposing abuse through documentation; addressing violations through direct action, policy or legal reform, legal aid, and litigation; networking and coalition building to further the effectiveness of human rights work; and capacity-building. Grants support campaigns that otherwise might falter for lack of needed resources, bring financial stability to groups, and help organizations take their work to the next level in terms of visibility and impact. Grants range between $5,000 and $30,000. Women-led human rights organizations are strongly encouraged to apply.