The Global Fund for Women, Inc.


The fund provides flexible general support to seed, strengthen, and link women's rights groups outside the United States.


Established in 1987 in CA

Grantmaking Programs

Grantmaking for Women's Human Rights

The fund awards grants ranging from $500 to $30,000 to women's groups working on many different issues. Priority is given to groups that address emerging or unconventional issues; have limited access to other donors; are based in especially disadvantaged countries or regions; or serve marginalized groups of women. Grants are also made to enable women's organizations to organize or participate in training seminars or conferences that promote women's human rights. Programmatic areas that are funded include: building peace and ending gender-based violence; advancing health and sexual and reproductive rights; expanding civic and political participation; ensuring economic and environmental justice; increasing access to education; and fostering social change philanthropy.

Women's Fund Program

This funding program supports women's groups that advance the human rights of women and girls by providing grants, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, for operating and re-granting expenses. The fund particularly works to provide general operating support to build grantmaking, fundraising, and organizational capacities of women's funds, and promote mutual learning exchanges among women's funds. Eligible applicants must be based outside of the U.S. and be governed, directed, and led by women (with women filling most or all leadership roles). Priority will be given to organizations that: are actively fundraising from local sources; are located in a region or country that has extremely limited access to funding resources; are making grants to groups working on issues that are difficult or controversial for women to raise in their communities, yet are critical to the realization of women's human rights; are making grants to women's groups organized and led by women from particularly marginalized populations (including, but not limited to, refugees, rural women, economically-disadvantaged women, women with disabilities, lesbian/bisexual/transgender populations, sex workers, women affected by military occupation, women in conflict and post-conflict regions, girls and young women, and women from ethnic/religious/cultural minorities; and actively include the perspectives of those served by or benefiting from the fund's activities.

Feminist Crisis Fund – Response, Recovery, and Resilience

COVID-19 has made plain the structural inequalities built into our world. During this pandemic, as during any other health crisis, Global Fund for Women’s feminist crisis fund prioritizes the leadership of women-, girl-, trans- and gender non-conforming-led groups who come from the communities that experience the most marginalization, such as adolescent girls, LBTQI, sex workers, immigrant, displaced, Indigenous and Black communities, and informal and low wage workers. Global Fund for Women’s feminist crisis grantmaking and support is focused on three main strategic areas that are not mutually exclusive: Response, Recovery, and Resilience: (1) Meeting immediate community needs by providing food, housing, psycho-social and legal support, safety and security, and health care; (2) Addressing mid-term rebuilding efforts to support financial sustainability, safety and security, emergency preparedness, education, infrastructure, and new technologies for connectivity; and (3) Uplifting long-term, systemic changes that are needed to address the root causes of gender injustice and global inequalities and advance holistic safety and security, self and collective care, and healing justice.