Segal Family Foundation


The foundation is led by a small team with a proactive, informed approach to development. It is most interested in innovative programming delivering reproductive health, food security, and youth engagement. The majority of its partners work in East Africa. However, it also supports projects elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa when it discovers a strong leader and a compelling project. The foundation's giving is directed to grassroots organizations with innovative approaches to holistic community development and innovative strategies for service delivery. It believes that change happens through collaboration and it tries to broker connections by facilitating on-the-ground linkages among its partners. The foundation also prioritizes organizations that it can grow with, learn from, and support for many years. At times, it will engage other funders to learn, share, and work together on areas of common interest. In an effort to support its partners through the inevitable ups and downs of grassroots work, the foundation facilitates holistic support in the form of U.S. and Africa-based events, workshops, and resources that offer a platform for networking, thought sharing, and professional development.


Established in 2004 in NJ - The Segal Family Foundation was created by Barry Segal in 2004. After the sale of his company, Bradco, a trip to Rwanda awakened his interest in the development and promise of Sub-Saharan Africa. Barry Segal will eventually devote all his wealth to philanthropy.