Supporting Communities Where Women Can Thrive

African Women's Development Fund Advocates for Policies That Support Women's Choices

AWDF has always believed that if women have the resources, the skills, and the knowledge, they will be able to craft an agenda that responds to their needs.”

Sarah Mukasa, African Women’s Development Fund

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) believes that if women have the capacity and opportunities to fulfill their potential, along with the ability to make choices, the result is vibrant, thriving, and inclusive communities. Donors and implementers alike often struggle to influence systems and policies that give women the space to make transformative choices. Fifteen years of grantmaking have taught AWDF to keep pushing the envelope and fostering environments in Africa where women can exercise their rights and access sustainable economic opportunities.

AWDF supports local, regional, and national womenled organizations that work towards AWDF’s vision, which is for women to live in a world where there is social justice, equality, and respect for women’s human rights. AWDF’s grantmaking has evolved to address three different levels of women’s economic empowerment and livelihoods interventions: (1) accessing livelihood opportunities, (2) moving women up the value chain, and (3) improving economic policies.

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From Beekeeping to Owning Land

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Ensuring buy-in is one way that AWDF works to create a space where women can access livelihoods opportunities and exercise their right to make choices.

Sarah Mukasa, African Women’s Development Fund