Discussion Paper for an M4P WEE Framework: How can the Making Markets Work for the Poor Framework Work for Poor Women and for Poor Men? (The Conceptual Paper for a Multi-Stage Process)

Published: December 2011

The purpose of this discussion paper is to initiate and support a process for developing recommendations and guidance for better addressing women's economic empowerment in M4P (market systems development) projects and programmes. In order to achieve this purpose, this paper first describes the M4P framework; follows with a review of gender and women's economic empowerment literature and frameworks; presents an analysis of the M4P approach from a gendered perspective; and suggests ways that the M4P approach can tackle and provide evidence of women's economic empowerment.

Key Findings

  • Because of the flexibility and inclusiveness of the approach, the market systems development (M4P) framework and tools can be adapted to not only advance women's economic development (income earning) but to also serve women's economic and broader empowerment. The M4P approach is based on the premise that economic growth is the most important contributor to poverty reduction, The M4P approach further acknowledges that access -- such as access to basic services like energy and water, or to productive inputs and raw materials -- also has a strong influence on poverty reduction. M4P recognizes that conventional economic theory is not enough.

Populations Adolescent Girls, Women

Complementary Outcomes Education And Literacy, Gender-based Violence, HIV/AIDS

Publishers Springfield Centre for Business in Development

Funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)