End of Project Evaluation for the African Women's Development Fund Comic Relief's Devolved Grant Making Program Phase II

Published: July 2014

In the year 2011, the African Women's Development Fund (AWDF) received a grant of £2 million from Comic Relief for the period of  April 2011 to March 2014. This was preceded by a grant of £1 million in November 2012, making it a total of £3 million. The framework for the delivery of this project has largely been determined by AWDF's 2011-15 Strategic Plan (SPIII) and was to be implemented in Sub-Saharan Africa. An end of project evaluation was conducted for AWDF between July and August 2014. The evaluation was specifically focused on the performance of AWDF's Phase II Project which was part of Comic Relief's (CR) Devolved Grant Making Program. The project focused on four areas, namely: Grant Making in each of AWDF's six thematic areas; Capacity and Movement Building; Strengthening AWDF's Communications; and Partnership Development.The purpose of the evaluation was to evaluate the project performance, identify good practices and draw out lessons that can be applied in future interventions. As the Comic Relief grant was meant to support AWDF's Strategic Plan, the evaluation looked at AWDF's main areas of work and assessed the role of the Comic Relief grant within which the AWDF initiatives were conducted. The evaluation also coincided with AWDF's Strategic Plan mid-way point.

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