Partnering to Realize the Girl Effect: Learnings from a Decade of Delivering for Girls

Published: June 2019

This report summarizes learnings from more than a decade of work, including more than $132 million in investments in more than 80 countries via a network of 140 organizations, occurring between 2004 and 2017. It is the culmination of a review of program reports and evaluations from more than 280 grants and initiatives, as well as interviews with current and former NoVo Foundation and Nike Foundation staff and partners.

Our goal was to share lessons and insights that might be useful for others. This document is not a field guide for implementing specific programs, but rather a collection of learnings to inform program design.

Publishers Nike Foundation, NoVo Foundation

Geographic Focus Africa (Central) / Rwanda, Africa (Eastern) / Burundi, Africa (Eastern) / Ethiopia, Africa (Eastern) / Kenya, Africa (Eastern) / Tanzania, Africa (Eastern) / Uganda, Africa (Southeastern) / Malawi, Africa (Southern) / Zambia, Africa (Western) / Liberia, Africa (Western) / Niger, Africa (Western) / Nigeria, Asia (Central) / Mongolia, Asia (Southeastern) / India, Asia (Southern) / Bangladesh, North America (Caribbean) / Dominican Republic, South America (Northeastern) / Brazil