The Select Five Gender Performance Indicators Paper

Published: December 2013

This docuent presents information of how financial inclusion for women needs to go beyond rhetoric. In order to help make it a reality, Women's World Banking developed financial and social performance indicators to enable financial institutions to measure how well they are serving women clients and staff, while also building the business case for serving women. In partnership with MIX, we have tested a set of these indicators and developed the "Select Five." These key indicators are the starting point?the minimum that all stakeholders in financial inclusion should use to track and improve gender performance

Key Findings

  • Knowing the number of new women borrowers is important in assessing the trajectory of an institution, as well as in calculating women borrower retention.
  • Female borrowers tend to have lower average loan balances than their male counterparts.
  • The gendered difference in retention rates demonstrates that tracking new women clients can lead to specificinsights about women client behavior.
  • MFIs do not appear to be in the habit of segmenting Portfoloio at Risk (PAR) data by gender, even though the majority of our sample considered such information to be useful for analysis and decision making.
  • MFIs in our women-focused group report lower percentages of female staff than our control group and women continue to be under-represented at the upper management and board levels across regions.
  • Differences between women and general staff turnover certainly exist but, based on the present analysis, these differences are difficult to characterize in terms of overall trends.
  • Disaggregating both financial literacy services outreach and poverty outreach by gender yields fruitful results: financial literacy courses appear to serve predominantly women, while women clients seem to be significantly poorer than clients in general.

Populations Women

Industries Business, Finance

Publishers Women's World Banking

Funded by Citi Microfinance