Women's Economic Empowerment and Growth in Low Income Countries: a global research programme (2013-2018)

Published: March 2013

This document presents research on womens economic empowerment and growth in low income countries. The joint programme will deliver policy-relevant research on critical questions faced by decision makers in improving the economic lives of women in LICs, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The funds will be spent on commissioning competitive research calls to: (i) Generate robust evidence on the barriers that lock women out of economic opportunities, policy options to address these barriers; how women's economic empowerment enhances growth; how growth delivers sustainable economic benefits for women and girls and how rapid growth might help erode gender-based constraints on women and girls. (ii) Strengthen the ability of southern researchers to undertake rigorous research and engage with policy-makers through structured support by IDRC, mentoring from Advisors, south-south learning events, and co-authorship of research papers. (iii) Enhance research uptake by policy-makers, through syntheses of findings, policy briefs, and opportunities for policy-makers to engage with researchers.

Populations Women

Publishers UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Geographic Focus Asia (Southern)